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About A2Z
I’m a Pakistani/Swedish independent music producer and film maker who moved to Sweden for higher education. Despite of getting the best degrees from top Universities of Sweden I could not find my place in companies and they kept refusing my applications, so I decided to explore some educational material and talk to some wise people to start my journey, a journey to learn the art of film making and music production. I was an artist from age of six and I refuse to let that original me go away.

I also produce, direct and edit my music and music videos. All of my videos include some daring shots, unexpected locations or graphics. Since I did not get any financial support from anyone so the quality of my work is very limited but I’m testing my skills to prepare myself as a good storyteller, my training with basic audiovisual composition is done now so it’s time to write a script that can make a better change in this world. But before I start my journey I have to polish my skills in school so I will be in Sydney studying film at NYFA and I will be producing music videos and web series. Scroll Down ↓

A2Z is my artist name just like Skrillex, Deadmau5, DJ Eats Everything, DJ Pullout :). Some of these guys fill stadiums and some halls but everyone is having fun with what they love to do. So name does not matter but A2Z was not taken by any artist and it was closer to Azee, plus it shows my artistic side, it looks like a mathematical formula and it gives a feel of industrial stamp on machines. I like industrial sounds, my imagination is sometimes dark and so do my music. On top of that, my computer is named A2Z and it’s like my all in one music instrument:) Scroll Down ↓

I am preparing myself to write a thought provoking screenplay and produce some eye opening visuals. So hey if you feel like sticking with me on my journey to make a great film one day then stick around, I will keep producing music too. If you are interested in my projects in any way..let me know at azee@

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