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How to change router’s WiFi password or SSID?
Altering the default router password is The first step in securing your WiFi Neighborhood from burglars. Even though the way of adjusting the router password varies from router companies, the general thought may be the identical so that you can go ahead and take steerage from the subsequent steps to obtain The straightforward strategy.

Modify WiFi Password:

Open up an internet browser and enter the IP handle of one's router along with or
Login to The online-mainly centered thoroughly completely admin interface using your username and password. Most routers Have got a default username of admin and password of admin/password.
Identify Wireless Configurations and navigate towards the Wireless Stability Web Online page.

If no more currently, activate the “WPA/WPA2” safety option, and inside the Password field enter the password within your alternative.
Now click on Help save to use the variations.
As soon as the changes are completed your router will reboot mechanically plus your WiFi receives disconnected. Use the trendy-day WiFi password as exclusive to re-connect While using the network.