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mauricio barros

são paulo · Brazil · Joined
Progressive House, DJ / Perform, Mix Down, Composing, Arranging, Producing, Ableton Live, 360 Deal, Booking Agency, Management, Ghost Producing Work, Sub Label Deal, Publishing Deal, FL Studio, Mashups
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About Project M59

1st Single
Title Taking off
Album Release Date March 2014

2nd Single
Title Earth
Album Relese forecast October 2014

3nd Single
Title The end
Album Relese forecast October 2014

4nd Single
Title Excalibur
Album Relese forecast December 2014

My plans

Release more songs, project myself in the world of electronic music, getting more public and always innovating my work. I plan to do more shows or events depending on the opportunity and preferably in other countries. This is my goal for next year. My goal is always to invest in what I can do best, ie Music.

How do you think working with you would be helping?

Will help me launch in the electronic music market, hoping that my work is recognized and may also disclose this medium because I am open to new contracts. Also seek new and public disclosure in the media.

Band Story

Project M59 has influence with Electronic Music where he conducts works as a DJ and Music Producer. His style is rooted in dance music with the beginning 15 years ago and currently has as style inspiration Progressive House and Trance. My work can be heard in

Band Trivia

I dedicate myself always looking for music to know what happens in the world of electronic music and always creating and seeking opinions of new releases that do.I love traveling, seeing new places, other cultures, new people.

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