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Noticed in 1992 by his first signed to ZYX MUSIC by Disagn 'Record by Florent Sallet, Patrice, Erik and Sergio "At the rate of the time" is placed in the 5 titles Hit Clubs and will then programmed in clubs and radios for four years. Perfectionist melodies, Fred Dupuis aka Phantom boasts more than anything original creativity of his works. 1995 After this good start, three new non-traded securities "Feel my desire, Nasty Money & Powerplay" thousands of fan asking DJs to happy owners they are, or to obtain this new creation. Fred believes more than ever to artistic recognition and commercial success of the Phantom concept. In 2000 he created the Oïkos the Writing Studio in Lyon region. Formed by the universe Protools he began working on samplers 2x 8 seconds and the first audiomédia3 cards. A great meeting with Leed Year accepting beautify his compositions. From there happens Got to move spotted by SUBLISS RECORD via Scheinder Eric and Isabelle Boizot, a title that interests a large size, Markus Suiter Producer of Lou BEGA that projects its release. Midem and meeting with SCORPIO Music melting on future tubs as the title "Promenade". Between the weather will groover Greater Lyon With Claudias Florden and the title I'm hungry him that allows him to take a break. which will benefit him. He composed his first house with identity "Take me to the top", is improving all styles and tastes. Its recognition will soon be rewarded with the title held by Michel climax PILOT Techno and packages the waves of the net. This is then Nrj and Tony Alexander who crack for "CHANGE" and gives it a new direction in his Hit Saturday night.

Fred does not stop there and starts back to its icon, it takes time to his place and there are many who have disappeared.