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FL Studio, Electro House, Progressive House, Producing, Arranging, Composing, Songwriting, Mix Down
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Djs and producers were born in Como. Their passion for music, takes them at a young age in the world of night. In the years they work on a lot of projects, with determination and commitment, up to the style that distinguished them, with the song SWEET LOVE, which was a great succes of summer 2012. It was transmitted from all main european radios. Also on the web, succes was so much, with more than nine million views (YouTube). Over the years they worked with important worldwide labels, like UltraRec (USA), Blanco Y Negro (Spain), Roton (Romania), Cat Music (Romania), Musical Noize (Italy), Time Records (Italy), Do It YourSelf (Italy).

  • Umberto Balzanelli
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    380 tracks
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    485 tracks
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    84 tracks
  • BRT aka Lorenzo Bortolotti
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