Max Fail

Hamburg · Germany · Joined
House, Electro House, Progressive House, Future House, Bootleg / Remix, Mashup / Edit
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About Max Fail
"You will be hearing more from him, no doubt!"

Max Fail is an international DJ, Producer and MashUp-Artist.
During his livesets he knows how to make the people dance and leads the crowd to many emotional peaks. With his young age Max becomes more and more a global player in the music business, his productions and mashups were played by famous DJs like Tiesto, SwankyTunes and Fedde Le Grand all around the world!

Starting his initial DJ attempts in 2008 he played at various radios in Germany and Austria. With his 18th birthday the first deejay bookings came in and paved the way for a successful future.
Max got residencies at some of the best clubs in his hometown Hamburg and became part of the famous producing-team Deep Melange.

Max played at several clubs like H1 (GER), China Lounge (GER), Bed Supperclub (TH), Metropol (AUS), Bensemann’s (GER) and many more.

His sound penetrates your body to the fullest and get’s through your veins to the very core of your dancing nerves - his sets are precisely mixed to gain the full escalation.
Max Fail is a remarkable talent and knows exactly which way he wants to take in the future.

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