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About Marty P
I brought my first set of vinyl decks when i was 14 - they were cheap and very hard to use but I eventually mastered them and enjoyed making mixtapes for my mates of the latest UK garage tunes which were really popular at the time.

Moving from London to Leeds to go to university really did introduce me to House music and upgrading my decks from vinyl to CD opened up many more opportunities to explore and mix new types of house music that were not accessible to me with vinyl decks. I enjoyed being a bedroom DJ with big aspirations and playing at the occasional house party... Sadly my disco boots were hung up at the age of 23 when i had to sell my beloved decks so that I could go backpacking round the world for a year. After that fantastic year i had spent way too much money and to even think about buying another set of decks - so for the following 7 years I focused on my career...

In January 2016 I decided to put my career on hold and invested my (very few) pennies in a Pioneer Serato DJ Controller which quite possibly was the best decision I have ever made. i initially wanted to start DJ'ing - but then i realised that with the internet, Serato and my DJ controller - I could actually remix and re-edit tracks. Currently i have done over 50 remixes/bootlegs (whatever you call them) - some sounding similar to the original and some completely different - my DJ controller has given me a way of injecting my personality into a particular track.

I would describe the sound of my work as: funky, uplifting, sassy, sexy, pumped up, turbo charged, vocal house music.
I take inspiration from the last 5 decades of music - but with a focus on turning disco/soul/RandB/Pop and early 90's dance into vocal/commercial/pumping house music.
I have been working on a monthly set on Mixcloud called DISCO REAL'NESS which is a compilation of my latest bootlegs/re-edits/mashups all mixed together by myself:…

Being new to all of this I am open to whatever feedback you have (good or bad) - The way i see it is that I am getting satisfaction and enjoyment from the work which is the most important thing to me - if other people like it then thats GREAT!

I Hope you enjoy...