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Ableton Live, DJ / Perform, Arranging, Producing, Mix Down, Remixing, Latin, Jungle, Future House, Original (demo), Tech House, Acapella, House, 360 Deal, Techno, Trance, Progressive House, Electro House, Work In Progress
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Always been loving music, all kinds, from Classical to the sweet sound of the Ocarina.
But the thing that freaks me out the head are multiple layers of Sylenth1 and the distortion of the mighty Sausage Fattener!
How much progress has been made in the production of music.
I was born musically playing with my 1210 and I bought the lifetime license of Fruity Loops, I am of the L.A. Style generation , I love techno and metal, AC / DC and Foo Fighters, Rage Against The Machine and Metallica, I sound blaring the Dead Mouse, but also Tiesto and Alesso. I love Bassjackers, The Savior!
I produce my tracks with utmost determination, giving the maximum of myself relative to my ability.
I fight every day to get better, chest out, anger and desire to prove my worth.
This is how I was brought up, that's how I was raised by my father. He looks at me from heaven now, he was my hero,
he was born February 5, 1940.

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