Sean Bennett

Sean Bennett

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia · Malaysia · Joined
Hardstyle, Electro House, Progressive House, Trance, Psytrance, Bootleg / Remix, Mashup / Edit
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About Sean Bennett
Sean B is a New Zealander, born & raised in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia, who has a wide variety in his musical palette. His appetite includes a mix of RnB, Hip-hop, Top 40's, Commercial Dance, Dubstep, Trap Music, K-POP as well as EDM & House tunes.
He enjoys music in other languages as well, such as Thai music, Korean music, Japanese music, Chinese music and much more.

In the early days, his love for music encouraged him to spend hours sitting in front of the computer using the software Virtual DJ in attempt to mix music to create his own unique sounds.

It was not long that his passion for the musical arts ushered him to cross paths with renowned DJ Ken Master K who took him as his first apprentice under his wing in 2008. He learnt all the different types of mixing, blending and techniques at Positive Rotation DJ Academy.

In late 2009, Sean B made his debut at The Library as a resident DJ. Just a few months later, he secured another residency at Bamboo9, one of the hottest bars at TTDI Plaza.
After spending 1 year at The Library and 2 years at Bamboo9, Sean B decided that he wants more exposure. He then started performing as a weekly guest DJ at various clubs throughout the week.

Clubs across the nation started to notice and took interest in having Sean B as their guest DJ’s for their events.
On the 27th of April 2011, Sean B performed his first ever outstation gig at Voodoo Penang.
His dream of performing at major parties and events has just begun.

In May 2013, Sean B & his master, DJ Ken Master K, got invited to make an appearance for an interview about ''The Life of a DJ'' on the weekly morning program called Hello On Two, at RTM2. (TV2, local TV broadcaster in Malaysia)
It was his first ever interview on live TV.

Sean B was introduced into the Singapore scene in October 2013, where he performed at an event called ROLL OUT Singapore, along with 20 finest models from Malaysia & Singapore organized by Concept35mm.

By the end of 2013, Sean B has accomplished on performing at every state in Malaysia.
He has been tag by clubs and event companies as one of the MOST WANTED DJs in Malaysia.
He has also performed alongside some of the hottest celebrities, artists & international DJ’s.

Despite his achievements, he is not one to be contented with past successes and strives to improve his skills; in hopes that one-day his musical tastes would be shared to the masses.

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