DJ C-Beat


24 years old · Munich · Germany · Joined
DJ / Perform, Logic Pro, FL Studio, Adobe Audition, 360 Deal, Booking Agency, Management, Sub Label Deal, Publishing Deal, Progressive House, Electro House, House
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About DJ C-Beat
DJ C-Beat was born in Munich (Germany) in 1996, where he still lives and works.
He has a passion for making crowds dance and rage. His love affair with DJing spawned at age 13 and grew into a full-fledged career by age 17.
In 2014 he started producing and soon released his first bootlegs and official remixes.
Now he established hisself as a Electro-House DJ and has expanded his musical horizons to include own productions of original tracks, mashups, and unique edits combining the hard-hitting sounds of electro house with the melodic content and art of Charts and progressive house.