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Silvio Luz

28 years old · Zoetermeer · Netherlands · Joined
Producing, DJ / Perform, House, Trap / Moombhaton
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It all started at a young age, when Silvio always played with everything that has to do with music,
and after years searching, Silvio finally found where he fell in love with, Electronic Dance Music. This was his motivation to start learning making his own music.
Now a days at the age of 23, Silvio grew and is an quality Producer and DJ with years of experience and knowledge.

By the way of producing his own unique music style, and making the crowd go wild at performances, Silvio is one of those DJ's you won't forget after a show.
His music includes alot of African Latin influence mixed with a little of refreshing Progressive
emotive chords!
This is what makes Silvio Luz unique.

Silvio's highlights during his career were performing a gig as a headliner with Gregor Salto in Africa, in a small Island called Mauritius, where alot of fans came to support. Since then, Silvio gained his name in Africa and will be touring more often.

Silvio Luz is operating on international level as DJ and Producer. Playing in lots of big and famous hot clubs throughout Europe,
he is always on the move expanding he's name around the world by sharing videos, music, and information.
Keep your eyes on this DJ because this rising star will be around for many years to come.