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About Dischargers
Tom van den Endert and Joshua Monfared are better known as Dischargers (formerly Big Room Bastards or B.R.B.). They are a collaboration of two friends who started producing together in 2013.

In a very short time, they got discovered by Plastic Flow Records for their track "Grim Reaper". Before the summer started they released their first track on the label and began to grow as producers as well as djs.
As djs they played in Hollywood Music Hall in Rotterdam, one of the largest clubs in Holland, and played at lots of smaller parties such as Malt Festival.

As producers, they grew a lot through Soundcloud, and reached 500 followers in a very short time. In 9 months their follower count quadrupled and they're still growing. They're known for their massive bootlegs such as one of their latest bootleg of D.O.D. - Steel Drum.

Halfway 2014 they decided they wanted to help a lot of other producers they met on soundcloud grow. At first, they tried uploading a one-hour dj show called 'Girls Love Bastards' where they played bootlegs and originals from undiscovered artists. A few months later they decided they wanted to help producers even better, by setting up a records label. After a whole lot of work, they set up Mad Trax Records: the sublabel for progressive, bigroom and electro house of Plastic Flow Records. They did this together with labelmanager James Tyrer, head of Plastic Flow Records. He is also the man who discovered Dischargers.