Deejay Dm (Official)

kevin mulkers

31 years old · Hasselt · Belgium · Joined
Imac, Mashups, Mixing, Logic Pro, RekordBox, Bootleg, Pioneer DJM900 Nexus, Pioneer CDJ2000 Nexus, Macbook Pro, Novation Launchkey 49, JBL LSR-305, DJ / Perform, Remixing, Producing, Booking Agency, Hardstyle, Deep House, Electro House, Progressive House, Trap / Moombhaton, Hip-hop, R&b / Soul, Publishing Deal, Sub Label Deal, Management, House
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About Deejay Dm (Official)
Amazing DJ sets with an experimental twist that Sets the dance floor on fire...

One of the upcoming Belgium’s commercial DJ’s.

DM is passionate about music in all its forms. From Commercial and Edm to R&B and Moombahton... ,this is one DJ who sees each artist, each song, and each composition as a different mode of expression and is passionate about sharing them with the world. Now a prominent DJ based in Belgium, DM is driven by mixing music and moving people both emotionally and on the dance floor.

DM is a well known for his outstanding music choice and creative mixing skills...
Like his approach to producing ,making some new homemade tracks!
He always brings something new to the dance-floor ,Giving the people insane mash-ups and bootlegs.

For me ,its al about the love and sharing my passion for music...

Rocking Your Parties Sinds 2003

Played At:
- Qmusic (Shut Up & Dance Dj Set 2017)
- Versuz (New Talents Dj Set 2016)
- Versuz (Girls Like Djs Dj Set 2015)
- R&B Diamonds (Ex-Resident)
- Beestenfeest (Resident)
- Moeder Waarom Fuiven Wij? (Ex-Resident)
- Demerdance (Diepenbeek)
- Van Gogh (Guest Dj)
- Club Reflex (Guest Dj)
- Dulci (Guest Dj)
- Belmondo (Ex-Resident)
- Flugelfest (Thiewinkel)
- Blue Ocean (Halen)
- Moulinrock Festival (Tessenderlo)
- And many more...

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