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FL Studio, Big Room, Producing, Composing, DJ / Perform, Remixing, House, Electro House, Progressive House
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DAVE MARC - born 04.30.1993.
Young, ambitious, cheerful boy with the maritime towns, Trzebiatow.

Before Radek adventure with music started has a lot more things related to sport.
Interest in football, basketball, volleyball, but the fact that Radek football went more and fascinated.
At first it was a love rescue teams from oppression as a goalkeeper.
But the fascination with the sport was short, very short.
After a reference during the match, injury (broken arm), with a sober mind Radek came to the opinion that the end of the sport.
For a long time not because the two months he did not know what I want to do, to puki not enabled Internet radio.
Then fascinated him playing a DJ console and love for music started then zoom, minute by minute, with the transition to the transition and since then music, and a DJ has become the most important Radek.

Since 2000, since 2004, began his career DJ'ską.
It was not a big deal, because it was the same school discos, then started playing on the radio online.
One day something breathed Radek and his head he heard "DJka is not enough! Start to produce." So it happened.
It takes exactly since 2005. In 2010, Radek decided przystopować career remixer, and take up the production of our own songs.
In 2011, the Project was named "RADEK P" in progressywny song with the participation of the singer, who is known for hits such as:
3r - Shine On, Robert M - Super Bomb, 3R - Black Cherry, which was released in the My Music.
He was in such radios as OpenFM (c. party), My Music Radio, but it's not the end of the successful song "Keep Control"!
Also, the song appeared on two prestigious compilations, which is the media patronage Radio ESKA.
Sounds dominant Radek songs are very pleasant and suitable atmosphere to those who are playing at the club, sitting at home.
The "RADEK P" was announced by the DJ Remo as another young Cossack Polish club scene.

Now, as "DAVE MARC" Radek is planning to conquer the scene works House, how can the Commercial Club. "The works produced provided for me I'm trying to develop a melody like most, but to go without chaos, or, incorrect ones.