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About binkyman 2020
A 1st generation born American of Jamaican decent, emerged from the "not so easy" streets of Bridgeport CT, a love of Music and Art born to Lex aka BinkyMan 2020.

The evolution first began as a kid starting out carrying creates for DJ Starchild in CT (a Stone Throw featured Legendary DJ) and sneaking into clubs like The Tunnel and The Lime Light under age in NYC. Next, rapping over house tracks Produced by Onree Gil and Timar, before being uprooted to Florida and screaming “Play Some Hip-Hop” in Orlando to DJ Khaled and DJ Nasty.

BinkyMan 2020 made his way back to NYC to Engineer and Produce music in the most state of the art facilities before Protools and Live took over the market. Lex was one of the original "Studio Rats" intrigued by technology, music, and sound to help create the hip-hop canvas forged in the late 90's and 2000's. Being mentored in NYC/Nyack by Producer/DJ/Engineer Marly Marl, and Producer/Engineer Prince Charles Alexander, DJ BinkyMan 2020 got a solid production sense.

Electronic music was all he listened to outside while creating rap beats for many popular acts, like Mos Def, Hurricane G, GM Grimm, Monster Island Czars, Lil Kim, JadaKiss, Vinia Mojica, and making guest rap appearances for Next Plateau artists.

As time moved on he became a scientist with sound experiments, then merging production philosophies from Hip-Hop/R&B with prominent Electronic styles of Progressive House, Electro, Deep House and even Dub Step.
DJing in Clubs between NYC and CT with DJ Magneto, and DJ Seth Dynomite kept him close to the scene when production was no longer the main source of income. DJ BinkyMan 2020 plays a diverse set spanning from the 70's to today, from Disco, to EDM and Funk to Hip-Hop plus a few other genres in between.

"I would say when it comes to DJing I have ADD, I don't specialize in one type of music only. If you just want to hear Minimal, or Deep House, or etc. all night then you might not like my set. I remix Rap, Pop, Country and R&B with an EDM Electronic sound which makes it easier to mix in an EDM set but I keep it real free form" "If there was a DJ category to be created for me I would call it something"

In the beginning of experimentation Dub Step was a natural progression from Hip-Hop, but as the scene moved away from Reggae elements a more free form genre of expression was wanted. Fast forward to today, Rob Fusari Grammy Winning Producer (Lady Gaga, Beyonce to name two) of the group Cary Nokey took an interest in the new sound to allow him to work on a 10 song demo together (no release scheduled).

BinkyMan 2020 is a familiar sound, and not necessarily a cookie cutter sound but a fusion of the world today.

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