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Ashley Alexander

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DJ / Perform, Remixing, Ableton Live, Producing, 360 Deal, Booking Agency, Management, R&b / Soul, Hip-hop, Trap / Moombhaton, Progressive House, Electro House, Deep House, House
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About Dj AAsH Money
DJ/ Remix Artist/ Producer/ Daydreamer/ Philosopher/ Smart-Ass

Who was that guy playing the music? Well, thats what many people have asked after their experience with Dj Ashley Alexander, with or without a dance-floor.

Mixing a particular blend of house, Rhythm and blues, hip-hop, plus other random nonsense all-in between, rolled up into one gigantic cluster of what the heck, but ends up sounding really good and people have fun most times and seem to like it? Yup, thats Ash!

Influenced by the greats of the golden era, evolved into the present state of the dj. What started in 1999 with a Radio-Shack mixer and a CD binder has now become 2 Technics 1200s, Rane 62z with a Macbook pro, to go along with many years of priceless experience.

Proudly residing in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan Canada, Dj Ashley Alexander is a resident Dj at Pink Nightclub, playing every weekend along with djing other random dances and events around the city or province on any given day.

Ash also has a mixshow series Groove Therapy featured 3 times weekly on Block Rock Radio and a long list of dj sets, go to and you can hear them all!