Dj AAsH Money

Ashley Alexander

Saskatoon · Canada · Joined
DJ / Perform, Remixing, Ableton Live, Producing, 360 Deal, Booking Agency, Management, R&b / Soul, Hip-hop, Trap / Moombhaton, Progressive House, Electro House, Deep House, House
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About Dj AAsH Money
DJ/ Remix Artist/ Producer/ Daydreamer/ Philosopher/ Smart-Ass

Party Rocker, Mashup Artist, Chill Dude

Who was that guy playing the music? Well, over the time of 2 decades thats what many people have asked following their experience with Dj AAsH Money!

A particular blend of house, hip-hop, electronic, rock, plus a whole lot of random nonsense all-in between, seamlessly mixed with a few cuts and scratches along the way, would best describe him as a dj.

Custom song edits, mashups and remixes in which he creates are the backbone of his live sets. Djs worldwide can download AAsH Money mashups from several major record pools. His edits receive continuous support from djs all around the globe!

Currently Ash is the resident dj at Pink Nightclub in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. Providing a weekly dose of good vibes to one of the most peaceful cities in all of Canada!