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25 years old · Marijampolė · Lithuania · Joined
FL Studio, Producing, Ableton Live, Mix Down, Electro House, Progressive House, Trance, Publishing Deal, 360 Deal
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About Vyt4s
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Hello, my name is Vyt4s, im 23 years old producer
from Lithuania. I started my interest in EDM culture movement in old
2001 years when i saw Tiesto track “adagio for stings” and in that
moment i knew that no matter what i gonna achieve this and make music to
inspire other people, other upcomming DJ’s to reveal their true
creativity into wide world of music industry. But in that time there was
only few technology influences.

I thought why it has to be such difficult so i started for 3 years
constantly searching and gathering information and knowledge how get and
learn make music, any tips i took as sponge into myself. and in 2010 i
finaly got fl studio 9 it was just a basic but my first track i made
which recently i uploaded into release list gonna be in iTUNES, Spotify,
Amazon and ~14 more online shops. It was like miracle, but i thought i
first should understand it from other Dj’s perspective than in 2011 i
started make remixes and for next 3 years i developed my style in
remixes “powerfull, fat beat, kicks, energetic” Electro house style.
Here you can find my first remix i made in 2014 December: soundcloud.com/vyt4sofficial/t…

Ofcourse then i was learned only average level in producing but in
that time technology that i had it sounded very mature and powerfull you
can check it on my soundcloud profile “Vyt4s”. Remixes started flow in
that time one after another than i grasped competitions and in end of
2014 i thought its time to move from remixes to original production
because i reached such style that i can make my own tracks, especialy
from Armin Van Buuren 15 minutes interview you can watch it here: www.youtube.com/watch?v=EqoXtj…

So i started make my own rythm and beats and melodies did very well and
now i can say that anything is possible during 2015 i found my style
between bigroom house till Electro house and i might opening new style (
if it already is just correct me) Uplifting Electro House and it is
magnificent. Also 2016 helped me a lot gather knowledge about marketing
because without skills of marketing people wont know about the project
that you made, making music alone isn’t enough and you need set at least
70% of your time that you spend make music to spend in marketing your
tracks before making new ones.

And if your close people, friends, family outside audience tells that
“ow you never make it real, its just dream” or bs like that Believe just
in youself and in present moment dont think about past there nothing
waiting for you it just helped you become where you are now. Believe in
your dreams, long term goals because one day they manifest in most
possitive way you can imagine.