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Tune Addicts

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Audio Mastering, Mixing, Composing, Producing, Ableton Live, 360 Deal, Booking Agency, Management, Ghost Producing Work, Publishing Deal, Logic Pro, Electro House
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About Tune Addicts
Dylan Barkley & Lorenzo Zuppelli known as Tune Addicts are Dutch musicians, dj's and producers of Electronic dance music.

Starting at a young age music has always been a great passion for the members of Tune Addicts.
Because of the passion and going to shows and always trying to stay up to date on the latest songs they decided to make music on there own.

After some years of individually perfecting there productions they eventually found each other and decided to make music together as what we now know as Tune Addicts.

Now that Tune Addicts is ready to take over the world as they are working hard on original productions, that cant be unheard.

With already dropping some originals and remixes they finally found there own sound and with the passion of sharing there love for music they are ready to place there mark in the edm scene.

So stay tuned with Tune Addicts on there latest productions and there vision to take over.