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Traktor, House, Remixing, Marketing, Label, Mashups, DJ / Perform, Arranging, Producing, Ableton Live, Dj/Producer, Dj/producer/musician, Traktor Pro 2, Reason, Composing, Tech House, Original (demo), Bootleg / Remix, Mashup / Edit, Glitch Hop, Progressive House, Electro House, Deep House, Dubstep, Chill
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About Thomas Radman
I am currently living in a small red flat within the city walls of an old Bavarian Town in Germany with two cats and a number of pieces of equipment rigged together to create sound. I still do not understand how I came to be responsible for the feeding and domestic arrangements of these animals, nor, for that matter, what I am doing living in Germany. Though it’s the perfect setting to produce new material, away from all the crazy times of the past.

I’ve produced music for videos, clubs, raves and fun. I sing great in the car and always hold the door open for people. I keep an enormous collection of marginally up-to-date blogs, which is nothing like keeping cats at all.

I spent most of my musical beginnings in the San Francisco, Bay Area in California where I DJ’d at clubs and raves for several years. I’ve been producing music since the early 2000s and finally got my first contract in 2008. I then went on to start a couple of labels together with my partner in crime Hugo Allen; a collaboration spanning over more than 8 years.

Another huge project is the annual Coachella Mix, produced and mixed together with John Beaver since 2005. Here we combine all the genres of the festival each year into several mixes that are then available as a free download. So always keep an eye out for our latest mix