J.C. Vesely

31 years old · Birmingham/U.K · Czech Republic · Joined
Mix Down, Ableton Live, Producing, Logic Pro, House, 360 Deal, Booking Agency, Management, Ghost Producing Work, Sub Label Deal, Publishing Deal, Techno, Trance, Progressive House, Electro House, Tech House
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About RyJayK
The world is constantly changing and house music unique energetic music is associated with the rhythms and beat of the heart, so we live.) I am skilled got experience with 3yrs of techno background and 2yrs as Electro,progressive,house DJ…Producer of own Tracks,Bootlegs,Mashups..I started as 18yr old as techno dj thx to quick learning and started getting bookings as in clubs like perpeetum,varna,Liquid,MElodka,Karbarumba,Metro,meet,Fleda,Duplex this was all in time 05-09 as hardtechno dj….Then i moved out CZE rep and took a break

from music till 2012 when cameback and start build my name again but now in UK as Jaykie aka Jay_Whitewalker.Started as Bedroom DJ but after few months moved into local club Hare n Hounds,Bulls Head,then came Spotlight club and now Dark Horse

in 2014 i started produce my own mashups,edits,track,bootlegs…I played in newcastle,manchester,leicester,Stoke,London,.derby,boston…in clubs and events.