Niels De Bremme & Daan Van der Heyden

Ghent · Belgium · Joined
Mashup Artist, Edm, Big Room, Mashups, Bootleg, Live DJ Performance, Dj/Producer, Edits, Dj/producer/musician, Future House, Bootleg / Remix, Electro House, FL Studio, Progressive House, Mashup / Edit
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About Peekaboo
The guys of Peekaboo are sometimes called the ‘Dimitri Vegas and Like Mike’ of Balegem. In that village near Ghent, Niels and Daan grew up and developed their love for music. When they met in kindergarten, they became instant best friends. Years went by and their paths diverged. In the mean time they both caught the ‘EDM virus’. After all those years, they met once again. Soon they discovered their mutual interest in electronic music. The two of them tried to conquer the scene as individuals, but they decided to join forces in order to earn their spot in the 'EDM jungle'. Each having their own perks, Niels has unparalleled production skills and Daan is insanely good-looking, they are an excellent match. Peekaboo was born.

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