Sebastiaan Steylaerts & Alexander Luyck

5 years old · Antwerp · Belgium · Joined
Electro House, Progressive House
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Blistering through the dance scene as one of the most promising artists, Belgium based deejay duo. Nexuz is ready to deliver a memorable performance at each & every gig, from clubs to festivals, all around the world!
Nexuz started out when Sebastiaan encountered Alexander, with equal aspirations about music.
As Nexuz, they defined their own style to captivate crowds each and every time with their superb mix of electro-house music. Together with their crowd busting MC skills they rouse up the audience time after time!
After performing at the world’s leading festivals like Tomorrowland Belgium and Brasil & TomorrowWorld, their goals are set to encounter all major events.
By signing their latest record on one of Belgium’s finest labels, 2014 became a memorable year.
This year they’re ready for their international breakthrough with tours in Brazil, USA, Europe and several upcoming collaborations. Making them the “one to watch” on many lists.
Let Nexuz be your trusted guide, in your journey of music.

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