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29 years old · New Delhi · India · Joined
Arranging, Producing, Ableton Live, Mix Down, FL Studio, 360 Deal, Booking Agency, Sub Label Deal, Glitch Hop, Trap / Moombhaton, Electro House, Dubstep
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About srv
EDM is moving faster than the speed of sound. Artists fade away like specks of dust in the desert of long forgotten one hit sellouts. Having seen and been a part of this decadent music culture for 9 years: where artists come and go with trends and fashions, where the soul is stripped out from the process of making music, and individuality is forsaken for sake of dollar bills, staying relevant demands more than following trends.

Fusing mind numbing beats, synthesizing a melange of tranquilizing trance music, with the naked monstrosity of uplifting electro and progressive chill, drum and bass. and dubstep, this reserved duo from India has taken a toll on the prevelant ideology of stagnant, similar 'photocopied' music, transcending the limits of their genre and creating hypnotising masterpieces from a blank canvas of energy and sounds.

And what better than the chaos that ensues when two DJs with different trajectories of thought in creativity fuse their ideas to make music like it was in the old days. Original, rebellious, and capable of breaking minds and changing hearts.