David Lusion

35 years old · Auckland · New Zealand · Joined
Ableton Live, Producing, Mix Down, Deep House, Publishing Deal, Sub Label Deal, Management, Booking Agency
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About Lusion
Lusion found his passion for dance music during the late 90's, starting with primitive commercial house in his early teens. He went on to discover his environment in a local R16 night club fitted out like a rave cave, and his experiences would quickly lead him further underground.

Lusion was still just 16 when he got his first set of turntables. Owing to the steep cost of vinyl in New Zealand, Lusion was also drawn to beat juggling and scratching. In doing so, he developed a particular appreciation for the genres of break beat and garage.

By 22, Lusion got into event promotion. Organizing events gave him the opportunity to play alongside many great DJs. Lusion's experience with them had taught him a lot about the music scene, especially when it came to the heart of crowd-pleasing. Life lessons in musical atmosphere, timelessness, and genre appeal informed his artistic development.

In recent years, Lusion has moved forward into production with a unique 2-step sound taking heavy influence from Garage / Deep-House & 90's R&B & 2 step.