Adji Rachmat & Wira

30 years old · DKI Jakarta · Indonesia · Joined
Logic Pro, FL Studio, Mix Down, Songwriting, Composing, Arranging, Producing, Booking Agency, Sub Label Deal, Publishing Deal, Progressive House, Electro House
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About Lava
Lava is a short for Lascivious Vanguard, which means front defense. Lava begins with two simple persons who love music, until both of them formed with one same vision and goals and will always defend to maintain their vision and goals in the future.

Lava is our vision and goal to produce our own music and contribute to the music industry. Lava has created several music character and has several original music that they arrange on their own. Maybe Lava is still relatively new, but Lava has a provision in their music and they will always create a piece of music of electro and melbourne bounce genre.

Adji Rachmat and Wira are two people who will bring the name of Lava to a higher level, and with supports from family and friends hopefully the vision and goals of Lava could be reached..