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Nantes · France · Joined
Producing, Arranging, Dj/producer/musician, House, Electro House, Progressive House
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About Kills Prod
SEBASTIEN KILLS is a DJ native of Nantes (Loire Atlantique / France). Since the 1990’s, and after being one of the most important DJ’s of Nantes as resident in several clubs including: Star Palace, Wilton’s Club, Manoir, Jaouen, Manhattan, Looksor… he worked in the music arena since 2005, the job of radio presenter on Radio NTI (Nantes). He created and livened up their ‘NEW CLUB’, a broadcast of 4 hours programming of Electro Sounds Dance music (EDM) with many novelties.
It is in 2006/2007 that SEBASTIEN KILLS became a Producer/Remixer quite naturally. Indeed, from the age of 4-6 years, he studies music theory at the academy of Nantes. First behind a piano, then until his 16 years behind a battery (drum kit) and/or percussions in classic formation and jazz.
SEBASTIEN KILLS signed his first titles on his own label KILLS PROD. His growing popularity, receives demands from the other DJ Producers, as: TOM YORK, TIBO S or DJ RIEN, to remix or re-arrange their own titles. His first productions, as ‘Crazy DJ Mother F****R’, ‘Don’t Stop’ and in 2014, ‘Hui Zo Prest (Are U Ready)’, will be quite classified in France, in the TOP 50 of the diverse classifications (rankings) clubs (Yacast, Extra Club ou DJ Buzz – official French Clubs Chart). The title ‘Hui Zo Prest’, anthem electro folk Breton* (*Brittany French region), will be included on several International compilations such as ‘EDM ANTHEM 2015’, ‘WMC PARTY 2015’…
Since 2010, his ‘KILL'S MIX‘ podcast, broadcasted on DjPod, is more and more listened to and downloaded in France but also worldwide: The United States, Canada, Japan, South America, Africa...
In spring, 2015, SEBASTIEN KILLS brought out a new title: ‘C KI LE PATRON ?!’. The latter, co-produced with the label M&R Productions, receives a warm welcome of Of Dj’s and will remain classified by numerous weeks in charts French clubs 19th Extra (Special) Club or still TOP 77 of the annual classification (ranking) DJ Buzz / NRJ). In 2015, He also continues to fire up dance floors throughout France with his tour ‘THERAPY’, with his incisive and energetic set of 2 hours, mixing boldness and efficiency while integrating to it the best singles EDM of time, but also some bootlegs which have the gift to put in France the clubbers, everywhere where he mixes.
A certain pride engulfs SEBASTIEN KILLS, in the beginning of February, 2016, when he discovers for the 1st time his name in the classification (ranking) ' DJ 2015 (2nd edition publishing) MUSIBOX’, the classification of the most popular and favorite deejays of the members of the panel Musiboxlive (+ of 3000 voters). He enters in 39th row (rank), it is busting the French DJ's to the famous TOP 100 DJMag.
Humbeled by this new fame, SEBASTIEN KILLS decided this time to amplify : le BORDEL* (*Meaning French expression to make the big party) that he puts already almost everywhere where it passes, with a new single 100 % EDM but especially FESTIVE 100 % and in the unequivocal title : ‘BORDEL OU PAS ?!’ (Kills Prod - Mars 2016). From its exit, the track remained 3 days consecutive in the TOP 5 of the titles the most appreciated by them OF DJ’s on Musiboxlive (+ of 17.000 members) and it entered directly TOP 28 of the SPECIAL classification (ranking) CLUB and TOP 29 of the DJ Buzz Chart. Eighteen weeks after his exit and having accumulated 16 weeks in the PIP 10 of the Electro classification, ‘BORDEL OU PAS !?’ was always classified in the TOP 5 of the inescapable (major) titles the most played in clubs in France during this summer 2016 (Musiboxlive/Extra Club source - July 27th, 2016). The US version lyrics ‘MAKE SOME NOISE’, Taken out in the middle of June, also knows a success abroad. Since July 27th, SEBASTIEN KILLS took out a new single, ‘1 2 3 JUMP’, intended only and exclusively at first in Of Dj and radios (France and International) making parties of the priority file of the label Kills Prod. The official promotion will begin on August 22nd, 2016. The first returns are very good and some Of the DJ's see him as tube of the comeback of September. His podcast ‘KILL’S MIX - Best Electro Selection' became, further to the demand and request, a turnkey delivered radio program, and exclusively for various radios (FM and Web) in the world: In France, in Switzerland (Swiss), in South Africa, in Canada… The KILL’S MIX by SEBASTIEN KILLS one of the radio programs becomes reference with the selection the best Electro titles of the moment.