Kenneth G

Kenneth Oudejans

31 years old · Amsterdam · Netherlands · Joined
House, Electro House, Progressive House
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About Kenneth G
Energetic, spontaneous, up beat and talented are just a few words to describe Kenneth G. Kenneth G has a very distinct sound, an energetic electronic sound, heavily influenced by other music genres.

Kenneth Geoffrey Oudejans is a young and respected-DJ living in Amsterdam. Growing up in the suburbs of Amsterdam listening to all kinds of music every hour of the day, it didn’t take a rocket scientist to calculate the chances of making a career out of music was pretty big.

Kenneth G’s big breakthrough came in 2006 when he caught Ravuth Ty’s attention because of his skills, energy and the talent to make the crowd go wild. He got signed on the Nope is Dope concept. This gave a huge boost to Kenneth G’s popularity and he was able to stand his ground against some of Holland’s finest DJ’s.

In 2008 he released his first track: Wobble. It was widely supported by the prominent DJ’s in the Netherlands. The track got to number 1 on the Dance-tunes chart. In 2009 Kenneth G released another track named ‘Konichiwa Bitches’ with Nicky Romero, which did very successful in important charts such as Dancetunes and Beatport. Many renowned DJ’s such as Laidback Luke played his tracks.

Kenneth G played in all the important Dutch clubs and important festivals in the Netherlands as Extrema Outdoor, Pleasure Island, Solar Festival and Latin Village festival. He also played in countries like Spain, Greece, Bulgaria, Turkey, Belgium, Germany and the Dutch Antilles.

And when looking back has become pointless, all he can do is look forward, wondering what the future might have in store for him and wondering what he has in store for the future. It’s time for some big changes and it starts with his own label and event Planet G. Ready to rock the Dutch and international dance-scene.

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