Joan Valle

Joan Vallespi

25 years old · Barcelona · Spain · Joined
Traktor, DJ / Perform, FL Studio, Songwriting, Producing, Logic Pro, Ableton Live, Booking Agency, Management, Sub Label Deal, Publishing Deal, Progressive House, Electro House, Deep House, House
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About Joan Valle
Spanish DJ & Producer | Twitter: @JValleOfficial | Bookings:

Joan Vallespi, artistically known as Joan Valle, is a young DJ and Spanish producer who was born in Barcelona in 1993.

Joan has had a really straight relation with the music cause the music was always present in his current life. When he was 12 years old, at his preadolescence, he feels curiosity towards Hip-Hop and feeds himself with groups such as Eminem, Drake, Lil Wayne, SFDK or Violadores del Verso.

At the age of 14, when he is an adolescent, he starts being interested in electronic music. It is then when he gets involved in the djing world and decides to try it as he liked the idea of share his feelings to other people by music. During the three following years, he is broadcasted in more than 5 online radios, trying to learn some skills and getting his first positive ratings.

It is at his 17 years old when Joan does his jump to the big public acting for first time in a small Club located at his family town; also at that age, Joan begins to get interested in the production world influenced by Progressive & Electro House genres and by big artists such as SHM, Nervo, Avicii, Albert Neve, etc.

Over the years and now that Joan is 20 years old, he has already performed in more than 25 different locations - Tortosa, Barcelona, Aragón and even Madrid included -, and has collaborated with important people as Robert Lamart(Florida 135 Resident), Toni Rico or Pepo WB among others.

In February 2014, his professional career overturns releasing his first track as producer, titled “Hurricane”. Because of that, his reputation grows little by little as he gets more followers.

Nowadays, Joan is working in several musical projects and he is receiving support from important people at the electronic music scene such us Albert Neve, Jose Franco, Askery and Dean Cohen among others

Booking & Management: | +34 697 629 777

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