Jack HadR

Jack Hadr

28 years old · Alkmaar · Netherlands · Joined
Mix Down, Composing, Producing, FL Studio, Booking Agency, Management, Sub Label Deal, Publishing Deal, Drum & Bass, Minimal, Progressive House, Electro House, House
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About Jack HadR
Jack Hadr is a 22 year old DJ / Music Producer from The Netherlands.
The Name HadR came from friends of him who first called him Hadder.
So he looked for a artists name and decided to keep it simple, and so Jack HadR was born.
Hadr started with producing around the year 2005, at that time he only made hip-hop and instrumental beats.
Now since a year or so he is more serious about his music, and trying to make it work.
Since then he changed his music style from hiphop to EDM and has being doing very well.
The styles he mostly produces are: House/Progressive House/Electro and combinations of different genres, giving Hadr really a sound of his own.