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House, Electro House, Progressive House, Trance, Trap / Moombhaton
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About HouseTwins
They first appeared onto the music scene in 2010 and currently the Greek duo House Twins have rapidly merited a renowned and solid name for themselves.
Ever since 2011 breakthrough track “Never” feat. Elle, “Feeling” feat. Lisa Ray and “The Night” feat. Carlprit and Lio, they have produced numerous chart topping singles.
The summer of 2012 marked the release of the Slick Beats, Shaya and House Twins collaboration, entitled “Summer’s all around”, which was used on the TV campaign of Carroten sunscreens.
Their 5th single “Don’t let it go” was released together with Cristi and their last single, “Heaven”, has been released in the Summer of 2013 featuring the mellow vocals by Chris Kid. At the same time House Twins started dreaming big and released their first official EDM single “Rockstar” in collaboration with Sugar Faktory.
Moreover, a mash-up series came to life in Fall 2013 featuring well-known house/dance tracks. With performances, upcoming gigs, mash-ups and big releases throughout the year, the future looks full of sugar and spice, as they’re a proud member of the Sugar Faktory team.
Born and raised in Athens, Greece, Andrew fell in love with music while young as he started studying the piano at the age of six.
His team spirit stroke when he created the uplifting / psychedelic trance duo StarChildern along with his twin brother Peter, and managed to sign with Digital Underground and Discobole Recordings, both Sony Music sublabels. From 1999 till 2005, StarChildern released over 50 tracks that have been featured in compilations such as “Transistance” and “Melodic Morning”.
Knowing exactly what he loves the most, music that is, John has been active since 2000 under the name Space Odyssey.
In 4 years time he managed to release over 30 tracks in collaboration with Discobole Records, Sony Music sublabel, while Djing in big Athenian clubs such as U-Matic and Plus Soda.
Since 2005 he’s been writing music as Ion and has released about 70 tracks with the help of several international labels such as Spun Records (USA), Phantasm Records (UK), On The Move Music (USA), BNE (Israel), Yoyo (Israel), Turbo Trance (France), Y.S.E. (UK).
The last years he accomplished to play in numerous clubs and festivals like “Universo Paralelo”, “Club A” and “Shamadi” in Brazil, “Dears Music International” in Japan, “FullMoon Festival” in Germany, “Good Food Productions” and “Positive Makers” in Moscow, “Drops Reflections” in Austria, “Origenes Festival”, “Dimension Festival” and “Altaristica Festival” in Mexico.

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