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About Haaradak

Erick Ramirez better known among Harder's as Haaradak.
Haaradak is a DJ / Producer Born October 16, 1996 in the state of Mexico.
Haaradak comes from several meanings that are very important in the life of "Erick".
From an early age became interested in electronic music especially listening to their first songs from artists such as "Tiesto" "Daft Punk" "Gigi d 'Angostino" "Safri Duo" and many more ...
At age 10 he became interested more in these genres and start being a DJ, with simple mixtures.
At the age of 11 he began to create their own Beats, the Hardstyle is known for several Cousins ​​and sounds that played near the colony, begins to delve more into this music creating a very sencilos tracks in FL STUDIO platform, known later time "Israel Pineapple Cross" Better known as "Aztlan Sound" which together with the exchange sounds, kicks and others and is as it grows Haaradak in this style, now recognized by more people Harder thanks to support from various DJ's, Teams and others, is conformant to the label "K1 RECORDZ" DJs is the Hardstyle.
Erick Ramírez mejor conocido entre los Harder's como Haaradak.
Haaradak es un Dj/Productor Nacido el 16 de Octubre de 1996 En el Estado de México.
Haaradak proviene de varios significados que son muy importantes en la vida de "Erick".
Desde muy chico se intereso por la música en especial la electronica, escuchando sus primeras rolas de artistas como "Tiesto" "Daft Punk" "Gigi d' Angostino" "Safri Duo" y muchos más...
A la edad de 10 años se empieza a interesar mas en estos generos y empieza siendo un Dj, haciendo sus mezclas sencillas.
A la edad de 11 años comienza a crear sus propios Beats, el Hardstyle lo conoce por varios Primos y Sonidos que tocaban cerca de la colonia, empieza a adentrarse mas en esta musica creando unos tracks muy sencilos en la plataforma FL STUDIO, tiempo despues conoce a "Israel Piña Cruz" Mas conocido como "Aztlan Sound" que junto a el intercambian sonidos, kicks y demas y es como va creciendo Haaradak dentro de este estilo, ahora es reconocido por mas gente Harder gracias a el apoyo de varios Dj's, Teams y demas, es conformante de el sello "K1 RECORDZ" es de los Dj's mas jovenes del Hardstyle.