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Founded in 2010, the DJ duo known as Fatwave has been a rising tide in the world of music. Getting their start by performing at colleges and in clubs around their home base of Hamburg, Max and Torben’s youthful talent for music turned into an unexpected profession. As their popularity gained momentum, the two landed an Internet radio broadcasting show, playing to an international audience. Following the trends of artists like Mashup-Germany and 3LAU, Fatwave jumped into the sea of mashups and mixed up artists like Avicii, PSY, Flo Rida, David Guetta and many more.

In 2012, Fatwave released their first album dubbed ‘Repainted.’, and their popularity soared. The duo’s reputation and sound caught the attention of larger recording producers. Their addictively danceable production landed them on Panos T’s album ‘Mash of The Titans 2’ alongside established big name artists like Mashup-Germany, DJs From Mars, Robin Skouteris and Dan Mei.

Determined to press their talent further into the forefront of music, Max and Torben have recently begun production on their first original tracks – to be released in 2014. The tides are changing and new young artists are about to take EDM to new levels and Fatwave is ready to take things serious and willing to play their music in front of huge crowds.
Stay tuned and be aware, these two are certainly going to impress.