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Epicfail is an upcoming electronic production group formed by Mike Beatz, Zaahir Moloo, and Fez. As EDM is rising worldwide, the three have come together to produce, sharing their passion of electronic music with the world. Their first track "Fade Away" is a powerful track supported by MASSIVE vocals from NessaKay which is quickly gaining support by top industry artists followed by their upcoming second release "Sunrise" which includes remixes by Pixl, Exodos, Jason Risk & LJ Mtx. Both tracks are signed by Peakhour Music, the home of Deadmau5, Porter Robinson, Afrojack, Zedd, Starkillers, and countless of others. In 2013 the group had many releases on beatport and have signed on to George Acosta Label - Aco Music and Manufactured Superstar Label - Manufactured Music. They have been supported by artists such as Martin Garrix, Starkillers, Richard Beynon, Kim Fai, Roger Shah, Manufactured Superstar, George Acosta, Joachim Garraud and more. Their track "War Zone" made it on to the top 100 progressive house releases at 24 and did a guest mix for George Acosta radio show - "The Lost World". More is yet to come for the group in 2014.

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