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House, Electro House, Progressive House
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A boy as normal as any other kid realizes his interest which was quite distinct to any other kid of his age. Then he started his journey which seemed to be beautiful only to him. With a laptop in his hands at the very age of 12 he used the music making programs and from then till date his hobby hasn’t remained a hobby anymore but has become a dream for which he now possesses immense passion . He was determined not to let his dreams shatter. This young kid started performing in various events with some of his sounds whenever having free time experimenting on his music making software to create something new with a desire to become what he dreamt of and create history in the music universe and make people groove on his sensational music.
Electrohol,the fascinating name by which he wants to be known never took any lessons in music production. He always learned from online tutorials and experimenting on his sounds and practicing day by day with only equipment for his music production being a laptop ,his first track electro beam got support from labels in Australia, Germany etc.
He is now ready to make his journey which was once beautiful only to him now a journey beautiful to all and here is the time for the young Electrohol to soar towards the zenith and rock the world of Electro music.