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About East Freaks
East Freaks - Music producer and DJ for Poland. Project East Freaks started about 5 years ago. In the beginning commercial tracks ar on top, but for now typical East Freaks style is Progressive - electro style. He likes delicacy in his tracks and then BOOM:) He`s fascynate in electro-house, progressive and commercial music.

First single Was Released in Society-Beats called "Bars in My Phone". It was typical progressive/commercial single. Alot of german DJs were played that track on their shows.

Next single Was "Give and Take" released in Socie3ty-Beats too. It was progressive track too for labels requirements.

"One" Was typical electronic single released in Augist the 29th. Original mix earn alot of popularity in DJs community.

In 2013 for now East Freaks released 2 singles: "Reach Up" and "Free". Free is on top in Labels Top 10 Tracks on Beatport.

Also East Freaks was make alot of remixes and bootlegs for: Hollywood, Manuel Galey, Muffin Sanders, The Knobs, Mike Candys, Kalwi & Remi, Kyle Bourke & Rob Vegas and alot of more.

Find him at: www.eastfreaks.pl