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Dave Vishwesh

27 years old · Mumbai · India · Joined
House, Electro House, Progressive House, Trance
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About Pllexto
Pllexto is an upcoming artist, who! With his amazing tracks is all set to take the world by storm. His talent brazenly oversteps the bounds of contemporary EDM, pulling from a dynamic array of source material and attracting lover of all genres, from house to metal, alternative rock, all forms of EDM (drum & bass, trip hop, etc) and beyond. Coming from a traditional Indian music loving family, Pllexto starting playing drums at a very early age but he was not intent on approaching EDM and it was a very natural and unique progression. Pllexto developed his diverse musical background honestly and over the years became exceedingly involved in EDM, producing his own tracks, making remixes and eventually learning to DJ after studying sound engineering. Pllexto equated the turntables to drumming and could match beats very well. Over the years, Pllexto began to refine his skills as a producer, splicing up a wide array of music and now he is all set to show his talent to the audiences. So all the EDM fans out there watch out for Pllexto as he is all geared up to take your breath away with his electrifying music.

“In Year 2014 Pllexto Got Support from One of the Greatest Trance DJ Gareth Emery From United Kindgom on One of His Remixes, Also Sterling Fox a Musician and Songwriter From America and DJ Antonio Giacca From Italy”.