DJ Taz

Anastas Kapogiannis

Rotterdam · Netherlands · Joined
Logic Pro, Producing, Mix Down, Arranging, Trip Hop, Electronic, Tech House, Pop, Future Bass, Latin, Twerk, Jungle, Future House, Soulful House, Original (demo), Bootleg / Remix, Mashup / Edit, Acapella, Work In Progress, Psytrance, House, Hardstyle, Hardcore, Dubstep, Deep House, Electro House, Progressive House, Minimal, Trance, Trap / Moombhaton, Techno, Hip-hop, R&b / Soul, Drum & Bass, Glitch Hop, Sub Label Deal, Management, Booking Agency, Chill
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About DJ Taz
When the nightlights lure you in and a roaring bassline sets your pulse racing, there’s nothing left to do but to answer that call. And so, that’s what Dutch DJ and producer DJ Taz did. Clocking up an average 150 gigs a year under his DJ Taz moniker, he lives and breathes all that is electronic dance music.

Inspired by his father, who was a professional drummer, it didn’t take long for Taz to be caught by the music bug. Switching the drum kit for a pair of DJ decks at the age of 13 might have been the best decision he’s ever made though. Perfecting his DJ skills and learning all the ropes of music technology, it’s no wonder that he wanted to take his hobby to a professional level.

An A-class performer, praised for his energetic appearance behind the decks, driven to bring only the very best of what today’s melting pot of dance music has to offer. He packs house, urban, R&B, club and EDM and turns it all into a fine blend.

We get to enjoy his powerful ways with the decks, swift transitions and unique display of undeniable DJ talent. DJ Taz is here, and here to stay.