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DJ Bonzaii

Horst Loose

43 years old · Norden · Germany · Joined
Mix Down, Songwriting, Composing, Arranging, Producing, Ableton Live, Booking Agency, Ghost Producing Work, Sub Label Deal, Techno, Progressive House, Electro House
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Until now, there was no time left to translate my Bio by myself. Googletranslation is not the best choice, but I think it's ok for a while ;) Sorry for that ;) But it's funny to read when you know the german original. Have a lot of fun :-D

--- Google tried it's best ;) ---

His first "Techno Noise " DJ Bonzaii had in 1992 a Dutch nightclub. Intoxicated by the sounds of the label Bonzai Records, he asked the DJ (name unfortunately omitted) : "Fat transitions , jonge How does it work with the plates and anybody can do it . ? " . After a long conversation, fun and the DJ invited him after work , to show the inquisitive " Bonzaii " a little bit of " art" .

This was his debut as a DJ .

At the beginning DJ Bonzaii was only allowed after hours in the club hang ( His father knew the owner) . Until he then also from time to time ( When he was finally 16 years old) was allowed to play in public.

His favorite genre was at the time Gabber and Hardcore . DJs and models such as H. P. Baxxter and Yves Deruyter sometimes placed on him , which was a great honor for him.

Since he had many vinyls of Bonzai Records and hung up they called him very quickly DJ Bonzaii . The second "i" he added , to make something unique .

In 2001, DJ Bonzaii had a heavy heart to sell his vinyl collection , but that could DJ Bonzaii not deter his music to remain faithful .

At this time he started digital DJing with the BPM Studio program . Unfortunately, he was very professionally clamped and DJing , he had to reduce to a minimum. If only a little time was available, DJ Bonzaii hung up on small private house parties .

In 2006, he then had more time , but not produced his mixes "live" but with Mixmeister . HandsUp , Hardstyle and a little house at the time were his favorite genres.

Since DJ Bonzaii like remixes live , it is not surprising that he was " 01 Harder Games Vol " produced a special MashUp called , which was even played by a few colleagues in clubs and radios.

He has collaborated with DJ Samy S. ( Producer and Remixer ) to HandsUp Mix " DJ vs. Bonzaii . Optimus Prime "in which DJ Samy S. the title song , DJ Bonzaii the intro and the mix produced . This mix made ​​DJ Bonzaii known in the scene . Unfortunately never officially , but this is about to change soon.

In 2010 he learn his wife know and had all the freedom to live out his music. His wife inspired him it once with progressive and electro-house to try . These genres are even now his absolute favorites . However, he still plays the dance floor and techno classics from the 90s as well as the good old Dance , Hard Dance and HandsUp classic. Hardstyle will of course always be his baby.

In 2011 he bought his first DJ controller ( Reloop Mixage ) with Traktor Pro 2

In 2013 he was then his dream to build a real men's room , a reality. He bought a complete DJ equipment, which can be seen in his pictures on Facebook. Tractor had done it to him, so he bought the Kontrol S4 (This has since been through an Allen & Heath Xone DB2 replaced ), two Kontrol F1 and a Kontrol X1 MK2 . With these controllers, he can indulge in his Liveremixing properly. This is evident in his sets and shows, and that's what makes his style from .

He was tired of always making sets "only" for friends and acquaintances , as it turned out quite well that DJ Duffy Dirk made ​​in DeejayForum for advertising. Now he presents regularly at two fixed time slots at .

In his show " sprint " , Wednesdays 15-18 clock , he presents you with his North German charm and wit , the best and latest Electro and Progressive House tracks in his distinctive style .
Every second Friday 18-20 clock sets DJ Bonzaii , on his show "Bounce with Bonzaii " , Electro-, Melbourne-, Progressive- and Big Room House . This show is aimed at all connoisseurs EDM scene.

Currently DJ Bonzaii working on his own productions and we are excited when we can present his first release . It is still secret under which label and artist name he will release his tracks , but YOU are the first to be out about it ;)

(This Vita was written for the public dissemination in the 3rd person )