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About Cedy
Born in 1997. Raised with music. Daddy was a Dance/House DJ. Mommy was a singer. At the age of 14 I follow my dad's footsteps, because I couldn't sing.
At 18 years of age I figured that music is what I eat, sleep and live.

Introducing to the world my concept #CrowdForce. There are plenty of DJ’s who can play music, but few can actually play music and make a show!
I do not taking dancing for granted. Not only do I create a good vibe, I create Madness. Sit Downs, CrowdControl, Hee-Hoo’s, a Thousand Phone lights, and nothing but smiling faces!
My goal is to let people know my name, the name of the event, club or festival but most importantly to make memories never to forget!

Now representing the brand name CrowdForce around the globe!
Belgium | Malta | Spain | Netherlands | Canada | Bulgaria | ...
Conquered stages as:
Tomorrowland Global journey | Daydream Festival | Club Versuz | Level Twenty Two | Diamond Lounge Limousine | All-Stars Sunny Beach | Beachcomber Benidorm |...

Welcome, To the CROWDFORCE

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