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28 years old · Creta · Greece · Joined
FL Studio, Mashups, Mixing, House, Deep House, Electro House, Trap / Moombhaton, Booking Agency, Tech House
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About BobDk
BobDk ( Konstantinos Diamadopoulos ) , Was Born In K.Achaia-Patras.

His addiction in music began about 9 years ago when he was 14 years old!! Upcoming producer and part of the most successful event series in Greece, called "Feel Your HeartBeat" and has managed to play as a guest in many Greek islands ( Crete,Rethymno,Ithaca,Zakynthos and more.. ) where he captivates with his music his fans... During that time, he plays music in same of the best club in Greece & Cyprus ( Republic, Bijoux, Soho, Century, Dejavu, Sao Beach Bar, Casa Playa, Yes Nightlife, Ammos & Hlios, Guaba) Resident of Sao Beach Bar(Patras) (2009-2013), Yes Nightlife (Crete,Chania) (2014) . Senso Club(Crete,Chania) (2015-2016) , Ammos & Hlios Beach Bar ( 2015-2016) Ηe has made valuable co-operations with Nikos Ganos,Nigma,Nebma,Dj Gogos,Paul Levon,Cleopatra Fyntanidou,Thodoris Triantafillou, Claydee Lupa,Duomo,Thomai Apergi,HouseTwins,Alceen,Consoul with the biggest co-operations with Fedde Le Grand & Juicy M In Guaba ( 13 Top club in the world by DjMag… Member Of Dreamland Djs 2014 (The first biggest music festival in Greece)... This period djbobdk is a member of kinky basement production that is one of the best music teams in Greece which prepare the first house documentary in Greece . With his unique style and his energy he entertains the crowd in every dj set. He is always one step ahead in music and finds ways to make new fans.. His music style is House-EDM.

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