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Electro House, Progressive House
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"Year 2051, the world is in chaos.
Mankind is controlled by ruthless businessmen ready to do anything to get more power, controlling humanity as puppets by underskin microchips.
Any kind of aggregation made up of more than 21 people is forbidden. Edm parties and festivals from the early decades are just a memory… but not everyone want to be bound by these rules... someone it's not been manipulated yet…
To be continued…

Back2Rave, 25 and 27, is an Italian Electro-House duo from Rome (Italy).
Produced by Big Alliance Records and Straight Up! music, their records were played at London's Ministry of Sound cub, at the "Never Say Die Show" and during the Winter Music Conference of Miami in 2013. In Italy they did stunning opening acts for artists like Skrillex, Noisia, Subfocus,Prodigy, Kill The Noise, Flux Pavilion, Far Too Loud, Reset! and many more. With their latest EP "My Sick Side" they reinforced their stable presence in the EDM international scene receiving important feedback from all over the world.

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