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During these 30 years of activity my main tasks have always been addressed to different people and social classes that have allowed me to develop a lot of understanding, learning and consultation skills, keeping in mind that you never learned to learn new things or upgrading old ones, both from the bigger and the youngest. So I worked in the field of radio, television and advertising communications, taking care of every single aspect of the tasks assigned to me and always delivering satisfactory results with satisfied directors and enthusiastic customers. My superior ability is to understand and incorporate work needs with those of the customer while always finding the right equilibrium on both sides. Along with this work, during and after studying by doing 5 years of high school students with 90/100 degree diploma, I did the work of > in the best and most important Italian venues, succeeding in exporting my sound and my particular artistic vein beyond borders, from Lugano to Switzerland, to London as > for two years in Paris and Lisbon. I was fortunate to carry out other duties besides the two jobs run by Inps and Enpals (now only Inps), making the salesman in stores: disks, clothing, civilian and industrial electrical, waiter, barman. My best ability is to learn quickly and get straight to the goal.
My best value: sincerity. My worst defect: sincerity.
I'm a man who can work quietly with home-based telework, like in a > trying to create collaboration with everyone. Presence, charisma, style, sociable and always-to-learn, are my main features. Holiday, fever and so on have never had a negative impact on my work at the cost of doing it from home or going to the office even if in poor conditions. If you want to improve my work better, I have a site that in my opinion I find the only one able to give a definite and precise overview of the person, as well as references and confirmations of skills in the most diverse areas, also thanks to the links with directors , collaborators, customers, companies, friends:…